Five Tips for Helping a Friend Who Is Moving

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If you have a friend or family member who will be moving soon, you're probably aware that they're feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Moving is a huge undertaking, even if they're only moving across town. Chances are, your friend will appreciate all the help you can offer. Here are five ways you can help a friend who is moving.

Collect Boxes for Them

Moving boxes can be a pretty big expense if your friend has to buy them. Yet, running around town and collecting free boxes may take more spare time than they currently have. Consider tackling this task for them. Venture from store to store, asking if they have any spare boxes they can give you. Dollar stores and warehouse-style stores often have plenty of boxes. You can also ask around among your other friends and family members to see who has boxes. Offer to store all of these boxes for your friend until they are ready to start packing. (They don't need any extra clutter in their home before the move!)

Give Them Referrals to Moving Companies

If your friend is planning on hiring movers, whether to pack or just to drive their things to their new home, they may be overwhelmed by all of their choices. It's easy to get lost in the long list of moving companies recommended by various websites. Try reducing the burden on your friend by giving them the name of a moving company you've used successfully in the past. If you yourself have not moved recently, ask your other close friends for recommendations. If there is a company you are certain you will give your friend a good price on exceptional service, send the information along.

Cook Them a Meal

Ask your friend what days they plan to spend packing. Then, tell them that you will deliver them their meals on those nights. This will save them from the hassle of having to cook when they're elbow-high in their packing projects. And they won't have to pay for takeout when they're already spending so much money on moving expenses. 

Some easy meals to prepare and transport to your friend's house include casseroles, summer salads, and submarine sandwiches. If you're too busy to cook yourself, you could even pick up a pizza or some Chinese food and bring it over for them.

Take Items to The Donation Center

Often, before people move, they go through their things and give items they don't need to thrift stores or charity organizations. But with all the things your friend has going on, loading these spare items into the car and driving them across town may be a burden. Offer to do this for them. Borrow a large vehicle from another friend if you only have a small car, and then load all of the donation items in the back. Your friend will appreciate having them out of the way so they don't have to trip over them as they pack.

Watch Their Pets or Children

When moving day arrives, your friend may need some help with babysitting or pet sitting while the moving truck is being loaded. Offer to take the kids or pets to your house for the day. Your friend can pick them up when they're done packing and ready to get on the road. This is safer for the kids and pets, and it will allow your friend to work faster since they don't have to worry about tripping over a dog or toddler when loading the truck.

If you do any of these favors for a friend who is moving, they are sure to be appreciative. Check out sites like if you'd like more moving tips.