Tips For Finding The Right RV Storage

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When you need to store your RV out of the way, there are self-storage companies that can help. Choosing the right one for your RV may be a little more difficult than you might expect. Before you get all excited about finding a storage unit nearby, consider and follow through with the following tips.

Know the Length and Width of Your RV

Most people, after they buy an RV, rarely look back to see the dimensions of their vehicle. This tends to cause some issues when you want to store it because you think that the advertised space for rent will fit your RV and then find out later that that is not the case. When you already know the size of your RV, then you can ask a storage proprietor for the availability of units large enough to accommodate your RV.

Test-Drive the Storage Spot

Even if an RV storage unit is big enough for your vehicle, it does not mean it will work out for you. Ask the proprietor if you can try driving into the unit and backing out of it. Some of these storage facilities are built awkwardly, and it makes driving in and/or backing out a nightmare when your vehicle is really big. The only way to avoid this hassle is to check it out, in person, with your RV, before you sign any papers. 

Make Sure You Will Not Be Charged for Leak Stains

Most proprietors who rent storage out to people with classic cars, RVs, and boats should expect some fluid leakage on the concrete inside the storage spaces. Those that expect you to keep the concrete floor completely free of fluid stains are not really being very realistic. You can powerwash the grease and oil off the concrete when you choose to stop renting your space, but you should not be charged for it. 

Before you sign paperwork to rent an RV storage space, make sure the proprietor does not expect you to return the space in mint condition. While the structure of the space and the garage door and lock system should remain intact, the floor should only be swept and washed as needed. If your RV has an excessive leak that creates a dramatic mess, then yes, you should lose your security deposit. Otherwise, avoid signing a rental agreement that gives a proprietor free reign to sue you for extra money if the floor is not spotless.