What Your Mover Can't Move For You

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Moving companies are professionals. For this reason, they have a set of guidelines by which they operate. An important part of these guidelines is the no-pack list. On this list are certain items that moving companies cannot transport for you due to safety concerns. If you're planning a move soon, knowing what items typically fall on this list can help you plan better.


In the weeks leading up to your move, stop going to the grocery store and try to empty out your pantry so that you aren't wasting food since movers will generally only move, unopened non-perishable foods, such as pasta and canned goods. If your spices are in sealed containers and not liquid based, they may move those for you too. If not, you can always donate items.


Imagine having plants on the back of a truck and the driver suddenly braking. You're probably visualizing dirt all over the place. Not only is this an issue, but the government also has restrictions on the movement of certain plants due to the potential for spreading diseases and insects. If you're moving locally, you can move on your own, but if you're moving far away, maybe give them away.

Non-Replaceable Items

If you have a family heirloom or other artifact that can't be replaced, the moving company may advise you to transport the item on your own. Movers use their expertise and experience to protect your items, but the reality is that anything can happen. Rather than losing something that has a special meaning to you, it's best to take these items to your new home on your own.

Cleaning Products

One of the reasons household cleaning products are so powerful is that they have chemicals inside them. Not just any chemicals, but hazardous chemicals. It should go without question that moving companies are restricted from transporting these types of materials due to federal and state guidelines. Just like your food items, use them up or give them away before moving day.

Nail Polish

Movers will typically also be unable to pack and move your nail polishes for you. First, the polish bottles can easily break and send the nail color all over your belongings. However, more importantly, nail polish is highly flammable and can pose a serious safety hazard for the driver transporting your household goods.

It's always best to find out the specific policy for the moving company you partner with, as all companies are different. For more information, check with companies like Smith Dray Line.