Prep Your Home For A Quick Sale: 3 Reasons You Need A Storage Unit

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If you're going to be putting your home on the market, now's the time to rent a storage unit. You'll need to clear out the clutter and create a space that's appropriate for staging. Allowing your real estate agent to stage your home is a great way to get your home off the market quickly. If you're not sure how to utilize a storage unit for staging purposes, here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Empty Out Your Closets

When it comes to buying a home, people like to open things up and look inside. Now that you're going to have your home on the market, you can assume that potential buyers will be going through your closets too. When they look, they'll want to see closets with plenty of space, and they'll want to be able to envision their clothing on the racks. 

They're not going to want to see your clothes taking up all the space. Since you're going to be moving anyway, now's the perfect time to downsize your closet, and pack most of your clothing away. Keep out just a few key items that you'll need and send the rest to the storage unit.

2. Pack Up the Personal Items

If you're like most people, your walls are plastered with family pictures, and your shelves are filled with personal mementos. To make sure that you present the right atmosphere for showing your home, you'll need to pack up all the personal items and sent them to the storage unit. This should include things like souvenirs that you've collected on your family vacations, trophies and awards that your kids have won, and family heirlooms that might be considered valuable.

When it comes to the items of value, you'll want to send those to the storage unit to keep your home from becoming a target for criminals while it's on the market. You never know when someone might be touring your home as a way of canvassing the neighborhood for criminal activities.

3. Make Room for Office Space

With so many people working from home these days, office space is a hot commodity. If you have a bedroom that is not being used right now, pack up the bedroom furniture and turn the room into a home office. Potential home buyers will appreciate seeing how well the space will work for their own home office. Be sure to leave the shades open so that they can get a feel for the natural lighting that comes into the room.

Now that you're selling your home, take this opportunity to send some of your belongings to a storage unit. For more information, contact a company like Abby's Mini Storage.