3 Tips For Choosing A Storage Unit That's Going To Be Secure For An Art Collection

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When you own a large art collection, there's a good chance that you'll like to switch out your art pieces on the walls over time. When you're interested in giving your home a personalized look as the days goes by, you need to see exactly what you can do to prevent clutter in your home with too much art taking up space. If you're interested in renting a storage unit to organize all the art for you, consider the following tips that will help make sure that it is secure enough to keep all of your art in great shape.

Prioritize Climate Control for Your Art

The number one thing you should be looking for when you begin contacting different storage facilities is making sure that the climate control is suitable for the kind of art that you have. This means taking a look at what the temperature is inside of the unit at as well as checking if there's any way to control the humidity inside the storage unit once you've began to rent.

Look for Insured Storage Units

Depending on the kind of artwork you have, there's a chance that some of the art can be quite expensive and important to you. This means making sure that this is a storage unit that has the kind of security that's so important, as well as making sure that insurance will be offered.

Asking about insurance for the contents of the storage unit, as well as checking if there's anything you can do to add extra protection for your items can help you feel much more relaxed about what kind of shape your things will be in and what you can look for to have the necessary coverage for all of your items.

Be Open When Contacting Storage Facilities

As you begin looking into renting a storage unit, it's important to be open about your needs. In many cases, the storage unit could begin to look worn down and in poor condition due to the age of the facility. Contacting storage facilities and making it clear that you want to store art that's important to you can help make sure that you won't run into a situation where your art is going to be in bad shape.

Renting a storage unit for artwork can be a great move when you have more than your home can properly handle. With the above tips, you'll be able to avoid common mistakes and make sure that the art stays in good condition. For more information, contact a self storage facility near you.