Creative Ways To Use Self Storage

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Families all over the world have been spending more time at home than ever before. The pandemic has created an environment where every inch of the home is used. Many people feel that they simply just need a little bit more space. Reclaiming the space that is already there, will always be cheaper than moving to another home. Here are a few creative ways to use a self-storage unit. 

Reinvention is a great attitude for reclaiming every inch of space that is available. Spend time removing unnecessary items from around the home. These items can quickly be placed into the trash, given away to local charity shops, or picked up by friends. Relocating items that are only used during the summer or a few times a year to the storage unit is important. Seasonal outdoor items do not have to be crammed into a single or double car garage. Many people for the first time in their adult lives have time to explore hobbies. Having the garage clear is important for always having a workspace for hobbies or having a little bit of space from family members. Even with a car or yard tools in the garage, only a few square feet are needed for a table and chair to explore hobbies on. 

Many rooms are being repurposed to serve multiple purposes for family members. This could be through room dividers or rearranging furniture. Many large pieces of furniture that are not used often can be taken to the self-storage unit. Consider purchasing smaller furniture pieces or furniture that is multipurpose. Instead of traditional bookshelves, consider shelving that can be hung on the wall or in the ceilings of closets. Excess paperback books and outdated reference books can be donated or taken to the storage facility. 

Due to the pandemic, many family members are moving back with their parents or adult siblings. Closet space may be an issue when more than one person needs their items to be stored. Keeping only in-season clothes in the home can free up the available space. Simply take these off-season clothes to the storage facility. 

Reach out to the storage facility for their current rates and move in perks available. Some self-storage units have moving trucks that can be reserved for new customers. Use these creative tips to improve the functionality of a home of any size with a self-storage unit. 

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